Simulation of Sadness


On the thirty-fourth day of unforced self-isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I realized that my life had a scenario, consisting of a limited set of scripts. Each day passes exactly the same as the previous one, as if waking up I select “Start the game” and blindly follow the recommendations and instructions, knowing full what will lead to. The feeling does not leave that, having locked myself in the walls of my own apartment, I moved myself into the world of a very poorly written visual novel, where the choice is only illusory, and any deviation from the rules threatens with an instant gamer.

In attempts to visualize my feelings, I make use of photography, turning it into a kind of 8-bit graphics with help of generative art software. The details of the image lost at the same time allow us to look for coincidences with the experience of many other people, because everyone who is currently sitting on self-isolation is observing about the same picture.

In gaming practice there are no real, permanent consequences of failure. The player understands that he is able to do anything, thereby enhancing his own zeal for activating the mental state. Based on this, usually from video games await impressions that are impossible or do not want to receive in real life. But what will happen if the player is modeled virtual experience, which is now imperatively overloaded reality?

Try to answer this question by clicking on the link below:

Thanks for Sasha Velichko, with the help of her talent, this idea gained the opportunity to be embodied in reality.


Photography in light of the pandemic, ZGA Gallery