CV / Contacts — Lesha Pavlov | documentary photographer

Lesha (Alexey) Pavlov is a documentary photographer and visual artist.

Born in Yakutia and now based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

The work focuses on the themes of identity, social interaction and various aspects of daily life.

Member of The Russian Union of Art Photographers since 2019.


2010−2016 Ural State Law University — Yekaterinburg, Russia

2018−2020 School of Modern Photography Docdocdoc — Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Awards and participation

2020 World Water Day Photo Contest — Shortlisted

2020 BarTur Photo Award — Shortlisted

2020 Vyksa Art Residence — Selected artist

2019 World Biennial of Student Photography — Winner, 1st place


2020 Zhivlovka (Personal) — Vyksa, Russia

2019 World Biennial of Student Photography (Group) — Novi Sad, Serbia

2018 Kharyskhal Foundation for World Down Syndrome Day (Group) — Yakutsk, Russia

+ 7 914 235 58 41