About. Lesha Pavlov | photography

Lesha (Alexey) Pavlov is a visual artist working with photography.

Born in Yakutia and now based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Interested in the themes of identity, connections to the place and social interaction in post-soviet space.

Member of The Russian Union of Art Photographers since 2019.


+ 7 914 235 58 41

Awards, grants, fellowships

2020 International Photography Grant: Talent of the Year — Finalist

2020 College Photographer of the Year — Portrait — Award of Excellence

2020 PhotoVisa — Single Images — Winner, 1st place

2020 The Eddie Adams Workshop 

2020 The VII Academy Seminar: Photojournalism and Documentary Photography

2020 Young Russian Photographers — Finalist

2020 Russian Federation State Grant for Outstanding Cultural Figures and Artists

2020 BarTur Photo Award — Shortlisted

2020 Vyksa Art Residence

2019 World Biennial of Student Photography — Winner, 1st place

Personal exhibitions

2020 Zhivlovka, Vyksa Art Residence, Vyksa, Russia

Group exhibitions

2020 Sea Line by FotoDepartament, Sevkabel Port, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2020 Photography in Light of the Pandemic, ZGA Gallery, Online

2020 Young Russian Photographers, Kaluga, Russia

2019 World Biennial of Student Photography, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia

2018 Kharyskhal Foundation for World Down Syndrome Day, Yakutsk, Russia


The Calvert Journal, Ogonyok Magazine, Republic, Zapovednik, Regnum, Lenta.ru, Bird in Flight, FK Magazine


2018−2020 School of Modern Photography Docdocdoc — Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2010−2016 Ural State Law University — Yekaterinburg, Russia